Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ni adela slh satu scene dr SMTM, komen2 gmba.

Tyra banks a.k.a. pembantu makmal : hai ladies n gentlement(sbb ade lelaki gk masuk btanding)
Tyra : U alls looks gorgeous today. well this is the first time u all in the judging room, and this is cycle 1, holaaaa!!!!!!hahha
Smtm : hahaha (gelak2 gelitat nk ampu tyra)
Tyra : and u know about our fabulous prizes dont you..?!! a contract with elite modelmanagement, one of the top modeling agencies in the world..a six pages spread in HAI magazine and a cover. And a 100000 ringgit contract with....
SMTM :avon!!!!!hahhaa..(gelak gelitat lagi skali)
Tyra: Of course you know our judges. The first is the sexy and handsome, mr nigel barker (a.k.a kutti) noted fashion photographer..
Nigel : Hai...(sambil senyum seksi)
tyra : and next we have miss j alexander (a.k.a bob) our runway diva extarordinaria..haha..and last but not least, legendary supermodel and a trend setter Paulina porizkova (a.k.a. bdk pHd).
Paulina : hai ladies..
tYRA : so guys for your first photoshots, u all have to potray a night party on the bridge of putrajaya, with ur glamorous outfit...working all the gorgeous clothes..and i have to say this is have been an issue that is very personal for me, bcoz when i was at you age, i never had the chance to go out and live the night life, or go to a party. not that i dont have any frends but i dont want to. so i want to give u all the chance to feel it. ok.
SMTM: OK...(sambil hangguk2 dgr tyra ckp)

tyra: ok first stop is fariz..
Fariz : hai...everybody
Tyra : well fariz you look handsome to day
Fariz : thanks
Tyra : So fariz you have your first photoshot, and what are you potraying?
Fariz : The night photographer..i'm the one who snap the picture
nIGEL : and i hope u really can convince me..
Tyra : K let us look at the picture

pAULINA: wOW that is a stunning picture, im loving this shot.. u just got the bone structure and u using it well
Tyra : the light hit ur face very well
Miss J: I love it, this is very editorial, and look at the extenxion of your neck, whew..it go on and on forever.
Nigel : What i like about this picture fariz, is that its look very effortles.. its look very natural in you. with ur smile and ur style, u look very convicing as a photographer to me. i think u nail it
Tyra: ok thanks fariz, next we have dayah..

Dayah : hai guys..
tYRA : hAI...u too loks cute in this red t-shirt..
dayah : thanks..hehe (gelak gelitat)
tyra : so what are you potraying for the photoshot.
Dayah : im the chinese fighter, chunli..hiyak (sambil pose kungfu)
Tyra: haha, ok fighter, let see ur best shot...
nigel : i think u nail it.. its a great pose for you, ur expresion, and ur body language, it become one. its a believable pict for me. great job.
paulina : i agree. dayah, ur not the tallest model in here, but in this picture u look 5 inch taller.well done.
Tyra : i like the variety of pose that u give to me, its fun editing ur picture, coz every frame is different from the other, but at some point u look very stiff, u need to find some softness in ur face. ok?.thanks dayah
dayah: tahnks u guys
tyra: liza ur next

Liza : hai
Tyra : well liza, so you were photograph as a
LIza: the lady in kebaya, sort of the 70s people..
tyra : and here is ur best shot.
miss j : well its the broken doll pose, but that is all it is, a broken doll
Paulina : u look pretty, ur body is great, but i dont see the lady in kebaya, i cannot feel the 70s vibe from this picture
Nigel ; for me the problem for this picture is that u did not show us the kebaya, all i can see is the plain back of this kebaya. its a good shot of your body, but it is not what we want
Tyra : ok thanks liza
Liza : k
Tyra : next we have zur

Zur : Hai
tyra : ok before we start, what's with the mafla and the snow cap. is it cold in here??
Zur : hehe (glak gelitat), well it looks nice on the photoshot, i thought why not weare this on panel
tyra : haha, well ur not looking that good i tell u, take of the snow cap, the mafla, take the jacket off.......now we have a model in front of us..ok lets see ur best picture
tyra : he is the foreigner from northen china, where it is cold and snowy
Paulina : great body pose, but hate the face
miss j: what?!!!! i like the face, it look he is having fun n enjoying urself, where u should girl!!.
Nigel : i agree with paulina, the pose is great, but the face i a itle bit down for me
Tyra : K thanks zur ..next on the line is nitiya

nitiya :hai..
tyra: well nitiya, what are you potraying
Nitiya : im the joker
tyra : well let see if ur picture can make us laugh
judges :.....silence..
tyra : ow oh.... when the judges is silence, it mean this is not a good picture
nigel : nitiya, as a clown, this picture just show me someone skipping with hat in the hand . nothing more..ur face does not work for me, ur poportion is not that great.. i dont know, i dont like this at all
Paulina : Yeah you should be more exciting, but ur face in this picture, look dead to me.
Miss J: Dead clown..wakwakwaa...
Tyra : u should try to express more of yourself. try to exagerate.. but your body is gorgeous thou..k thanks nitiya
Nitiya : thanks u guys
Tyra : ijan ur next

Ijan: hai
Tyra : ok before we start, mr j (a.k.a Mylurs) told me that u have a little bit of attitude problem. he sad that u did not listen to the instruction that he gave, plus u scream back at the photographer..
Ijan : well they all keep telling me to do this and that, so i was i little bit stress, and at one point i kind a explode, i gues. It is not my fault i scream at them. they the one who keep pushing me.
Tyra : well ijan, you must know something, if a photographer does not want to shot you, u will not survive this industry for a minute. u dont ever scream to somebody that can help u make money. understand? remember that..ok. let see ur best picture
Tyra : the working men try having fun
paulina : it is not a great picture, but it is not the worst either..it just kinda..boring
Miss J: i dont care if its boring or not, i iike it coz u look like 6 inches tall
Nigel : in this picture, i cannot see ur face, u kind lost it for me..i just hope you can find a litle bit of the light si that we can see ur face.
Tyra : going through ur frame, i was very dissapointed. all i can see is an angry men having a picture taken. This is the only picture that i can see u smiling..u should try to manage ur anger ijan. ok,,
Ijan : hmm..k...huhu
Tyra : thanks ijan, next is O-piG??

Opiq : no it is pronounce as OPIQ. O.P.I.Q , with the sound of q not g
Tyra : ok ...o ..piq, hahaha. and you potraying??
Opiq : the bubly school girl
tyra : ang here is you best shot
miss j : LOvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u go girl
Paulina : as a plus size model, u look very confident, u look charming and very sexy even with ur eyes close
Nigel : Yeah i agree. u know where the light is, and again, u look so effortless.
Tyra : U nail it girl. u prove that big..is beutifull..haha. thank you opiq..
Opiq : thanks guys
Tyra : LIya its ur turn

Liya : hai
TyRA : ok LIYA let se ur photo as the princess of the night

nigel : this picture is rather comon for me, it is a picture that u can found on prom night of high school, tenagers havin fun that sort of stuf, it does not read model
Paulina : i wish i can see ur eyes. u close it as if u are in pain...i dont know, this picture does not work for me.
Tyra : i like it. i thnk this picture show some intimacy and fun alltogether.i can feel the mix feeling in this picture. i just wish the hair were set to the back so it wil not cover ur face.ok thanks liya
Liya : Thank u
Tyra : next we have fir

Fir : Hai guys
Tyra : hai....fir is the challenge winner,,congratulations. they have to walk for Rizalman design n rizalman really enjoy ur walk
Fir : thanks
MIss j : yes he got the signature walk i told ..u go girl!!
Tyra: ok let see ur best photo as a..??
Fir : chinese taiko..

paulina : mmm...its a good picture but, there is something wrong somewhere. i dont know, the pose is great, the face look fine.. i just can't figure it out..
nigel : i think what happen is, u look fat in this picture. ur body looks like a plus size mode, u need to be carefull with ur weight..are u gaining weight??
fir : mmm..yea...about 5 kg
Miss j: woow!!!you should not do that girl..bad for you. cut all ur meal
Tyra : i dont know abou that..but i think if you really having weight issue, you can go on and be a plus size model like Opiq. we are beautiful as what we are..k thanks fir
Fir: k
Tyra : will miss teha B step foward please.

Teha b: hai guys
tyra : hai..ok let se ur best shot, and you representing
Teha b: the evil teen queen..
tyra : ok...
nigel : i think this is the best picture of all bunch..u really nail it teha b.
Paulina: yup, i really believe in this picture that you are some evil queen teen, ur face look so editorial. i hv nothing to say but well done..
miss j: i think u are fabulous as a bitch..go on bitching girl
teha b: hahaha..
tyra : well done teha b..
Teha b : thank you
Tyra : now we have teha b arch enemy, teha k

Teha K : hai...................
Tyra : hai u look supper bubbly today..
Teha k: thanks
Tyra: ok and you potraying what in the picture
Teha k : Angel hearted teen..im the little good girl
miss j : love it..love it..love it....love ur face, love ur body, love everything
Paulina : ur look so adorable..i have no comment on this but again great job
Nigel :i dont know, for me, it just look adorable, thats it..nothing more. it is not an editorial shoot, plus, its a common shot for me. the sweet innocent girl..i want to see some purity on you face.
Tyra : i agree with nigel. i want to see those innocent face. this picture is good.but that is all..kind a boring for me. u getting to safe..k thanks teha k
teha k: k
tyra : we have mak t

mak t :....
Tyra: well u look nervous today..whats wrong girl??
Mak t: nothing, im just cant help it feeling over excited..nervous. im worried bout my picture
nigel: it SMTM. u were choosen from the thousand of people that apply. u got this. u should bring more of your confident in the judging so we know that you want this
mak t : ok..i try
tyra : let see mak t as a gossip girl
nigel : wow. i think this the best picture ever..i think u r the one that understand the concept of this shot. u really get into the charachter.. well done.
paulina : u nail it girl..
mis j: i think u reallly had kick some of the girl nd guy ass............you rock it girl
tyra : so all i want to ask is for u to bring that girl in the picture, to panel, confident and sexy..ok..thanks mak t...last but not least lopan

Lopan : Hai
Tyra : Hai lopan. and you were potraying
Lopan : the old school people...like benjamin burton
tyra : well done..another great picture...
miss j : i like the smile in your face. it is real, and i can feel the energy right through it...
paulina: but one thing for sure, u look a litle bit short in this picture
Nigel : i think this shot look simple, elegance and very editorial.well done lopan.
lopan :Thanks

tyra : we see all ur photos.the judge will deliberate,. when i cal u back, i wil anounce wich one of you will be eliminated...

result :...tanyer kak cik..g sambung..thnaks kak chik


RIZAL said...

pose xhengat yeee (komen ntok fir je)

Afir said...

haha..smtm kate

science marine top model

cd hudson said...

'Fir : Hai guys
Tyra : hai....fir is the challenge winner,,congratulations. they have to walk for Rizalman design n rizalman really enjoy ur walk
Fir : thanks
MIss j : yes he got the signature walk i told ..u go girl!!'
fir, girl ke????

honeypingu said...

hahha..supot je weh..die gigih n gagah perkosa pule tegang mata wat entri ni..hahahha
sonok giler mlm tu..sume ko punye idea, saiko! aku slalu kne dlu pape..ahhhhh

honeypingu said...
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Iannn said...

Wah....seronok sgt membaca....haha....terror sgt2 mengolah cerita....bravo

Anonymous said...

tyra, aku pelik ah kenape ek 'dak baik' pakai selipar jepun?tapi dress mengancam gle...cik tyra tgk balik eh..hehe

honeypingu said...

dak baek?mcm sume je da balun slipe pas dine.xmampu nk pakai heels dah hahahha