Thursday, March 26, 2009



bunyi yg dihasilkan tuhan itu indah...tanpa perlu kita sebagai manusia untuk mengubah atau menoko tambah

bunyi yg dianugerahkan oleh tuhan itu indah bila disambung menjadi lagu yang menenangkan dan mendamaikan jiwa..

bunyi yg diciptakan tuhan itu menjadi indah jika didengar kene pada tempat dan masanya

tapi sesetengah manusia itu alpa, sesetengah manusia itu tidak mengerti keindahan ciptaan tuhan, kerana

dgn suka hati dan suka rela kentut merata-rata..

wei bunyi pssstt kentut tu dh la xde melodi, off tempo, slalu jer dalam keadaan dengar and x dengar. tapi bila dpt dengar, bunyi cam machine gun, bom, sume kuar..siap tokok tambah lagi dgn haruman ambi pure dr usus besar...


knetut berapi...ini lagi berbahaya...adakah opiq boleh kentut begini..ermm....


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ni adela slh satu scene dr SMTM, komen2 gmba.

Tyra banks a.k.a. pembantu makmal : hai ladies n gentlement(sbb ade lelaki gk masuk btanding)
Tyra : U alls looks gorgeous today. well this is the first time u all in the judging room, and this is cycle 1, holaaaa!!!!!!hahha
Smtm : hahaha (gelak2 gelitat nk ampu tyra)
Tyra : and u know about our fabulous prizes dont you..?!! a contract with elite modelmanagement, one of the top modeling agencies in the world..a six pages spread in HAI magazine and a cover. And a 100000 ringgit contract with....
SMTM :avon!!!!!hahhaa..(gelak gelitat lagi skali)
Tyra: Of course you know our judges. The first is the sexy and handsome, mr nigel barker (a.k.a kutti) noted fashion photographer..
Nigel : Hai...(sambil senyum seksi)
tyra : and next we have miss j alexander (a.k.a bob) our runway diva extarordinaria..haha..and last but not least, legendary supermodel and a trend setter Paulina porizkova (a.k.a. bdk pHd).
Paulina : hai ladies..
tYRA : so guys for your first photoshots, u all have to potray a night party on the bridge of putrajaya, with ur glamorous outfit...working all the gorgeous clothes..and i have to say this is have been an issue that is very personal for me, bcoz when i was at you age, i never had the chance to go out and live the night life, or go to a party. not that i dont have any frends but i dont want to. so i want to give u all the chance to feel it. ok.
SMTM: OK...(sambil hangguk2 dgr tyra ckp)

tyra: ok first stop is fariz..
Fariz : hai...everybody
Tyra : well fariz you look handsome to day
Fariz : thanks
Tyra : So fariz you have your first photoshot, and what are you potraying?
Fariz : The night photographer..i'm the one who snap the picture
nIGEL : and i hope u really can convince me..
Tyra : K let us look at the picture

pAULINA: wOW that is a stunning picture, im loving this shot.. u just got the bone structure and u using it well
Tyra : the light hit ur face very well
Miss J: I love it, this is very editorial, and look at the extenxion of your neck, go on and on forever.
Nigel : What i like about this picture fariz, is that its look very effortles.. its look very natural in you. with ur smile and ur style, u look very convicing as a photographer to me. i think u nail it
Tyra: ok thanks fariz, next we have dayah..

Dayah : hai guys..
tYRA : hAI...u too loks cute in this red t-shirt..
dayah : thanks..hehe (gelak gelitat)
tyra : so what are you potraying for the photoshot.
Dayah : im the chinese fighter, chunli..hiyak (sambil pose kungfu)
Tyra: haha, ok fighter, let see ur best shot...
nigel : i think u nail it.. its a great pose for you, ur expresion, and ur body language, it become one. its a believable pict for me. great job.
paulina : i agree. dayah, ur not the tallest model in here, but in this picture u look 5 inch taller.well done.
Tyra : i like the variety of pose that u give to me, its fun editing ur picture, coz every frame is different from the other, but at some point u look very stiff, u need to find some softness in ur face. ok?.thanks dayah
dayah: tahnks u guys
tyra: liza ur next

Liza : hai
Tyra : well liza, so you were photograph as a
LIza: the lady in kebaya, sort of the 70s people..
tyra : and here is ur best shot.
miss j : well its the broken doll pose, but that is all it is, a broken doll
Paulina : u look pretty, ur body is great, but i dont see the lady in kebaya, i cannot feel the 70s vibe from this picture
Nigel ; for me the problem for this picture is that u did not show us the kebaya, all i can see is the plain back of this kebaya. its a good shot of your body, but it is not what we want
Tyra : ok thanks liza
Liza : k
Tyra : next we have zur

Zur : Hai
tyra : ok before we start, what's with the mafla and the snow cap. is it cold in here??
Zur : hehe (glak gelitat), well it looks nice on the photoshot, i thought why not weare this on panel
tyra : haha, well ur not looking that good i tell u, take of the snow cap, the mafla, take the jacket we have a model in front of us..ok lets see ur best picture
tyra : he is the foreigner from northen china, where it is cold and snowy
Paulina : great body pose, but hate the face
miss j: what?!!!! i like the face, it look he is having fun n enjoying urself, where u should girl!!.
Nigel : i agree with paulina, the pose is great, but the face i a itle bit down for me
Tyra : K thanks zur on the line is nitiya

nitiya :hai..
tyra: well nitiya, what are you potraying
Nitiya : im the joker
tyra : well let see if ur picture can make us laugh
judges :.....silence..
tyra : ow oh.... when the judges is silence, it mean this is not a good picture
nigel : nitiya, as a clown, this picture just show me someone skipping with hat in the hand . nothing more..ur face does not work for me, ur poportion is not that great.. i dont know, i dont like this at all
Paulina : Yeah you should be more exciting, but ur face in this picture, look dead to me.
Miss J: Dead clown..wakwakwaa...
Tyra : u should try to express more of yourself. try to exagerate.. but your body is gorgeous thou..k thanks nitiya
Nitiya : thanks u guys
Tyra : ijan ur next

Ijan: hai
Tyra : ok before we start, mr j (a.k.a Mylurs) told me that u have a little bit of attitude problem. he sad that u did not listen to the instruction that he gave, plus u scream back at the photographer..
Ijan : well they all keep telling me to do this and that, so i was i little bit stress, and at one point i kind a explode, i gues. It is not my fault i scream at them. they the one who keep pushing me.
Tyra : well ijan, you must know something, if a photographer does not want to shot you, u will not survive this industry for a minute. u dont ever scream to somebody that can help u make money. understand? remember that..ok. let see ur best picture
Tyra : the working men try having fun
paulina : it is not a great picture, but it is not the worst just kinda..boring
Miss J: i dont care if its boring or not, i iike it coz u look like 6 inches tall
Nigel : in this picture, i cannot see ur face, u kind lost it for me..i just hope you can find a litle bit of the light si that we can see ur face.
Tyra : going through ur frame, i was very dissapointed. all i can see is an angry men having a picture taken. This is the only picture that i can see u smiling..u should try to manage ur anger ijan. ok,,
Ijan : hmm..k...huhu
Tyra : thanks ijan, next is O-piG??

Opiq : no it is pronounce as OPIQ. O.P.I.Q , with the sound of q not g
Tyra : ok ...o ..piq, hahaha. and you potraying??
Opiq : the bubly school girl
tyra : ang here is you best shot
miss j : LOvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u go girl
Paulina : as a plus size model, u look very confident, u look charming and very sexy even with ur eyes close
Nigel : Yeah i agree. u know where the light is, and again, u look so effortless.
Tyra : U nail it girl. u prove that beutifull..haha. thank you opiq..
Opiq : thanks guys
Tyra : LIya its ur turn

Liya : hai
TyRA : ok LIYA let se ur photo as the princess of the night

nigel : this picture is rather comon for me, it is a picture that u can found on prom night of high school, tenagers havin fun that sort of stuf, it does not read model
Paulina : i wish i can see ur eyes. u close it as if u are in pain...i dont know, this picture does not work for me.
Tyra : i like it. i thnk this picture show some intimacy and fun alltogether.i can feel the mix feeling in this picture. i just wish the hair were set to the back so it wil not cover ur face.ok thanks liya
Liya : Thank u
Tyra : next we have fir

Fir : Hai guys
Tyra : hai....fir is the challenge winner,,congratulations. they have to walk for Rizalman design n rizalman really enjoy ur walk
Fir : thanks
MIss j : yes he got the signature walk i told ..u go girl!!
Tyra: ok let see ur best photo as a..??
Fir : chinese taiko..

paulina : mmm...its a good picture but, there is something wrong somewhere. i dont know, the pose is great, the face look fine.. i just can't figure it out..
nigel : i think what happen is, u look fat in this picture. ur body looks like a plus size mode, u need to be carefull with ur weight..are u gaining weight??
fir : mmm..yea...about 5 kg
Miss j: woow!!!you should not do that girl..bad for you. cut all ur meal
Tyra : i dont know abou that..but i think if you really having weight issue, you can go on and be a plus size model like Opiq. we are beautiful as what we are..k thanks fir
Fir: k
Tyra : will miss teha B step foward please.

Teha b: hai guys
tyra : hai..ok let se ur best shot, and you representing
Teha b: the evil teen queen..
tyra : ok...
nigel : i think this is the best picture of all bunch..u really nail it teha b.
Paulina: yup, i really believe in this picture that you are some evil queen teen, ur face look so editorial. i hv nothing to say but well done..
miss j: i think u are fabulous as a bitch..go on bitching girl
teha b: hahaha..
tyra : well done teha b..
Teha b : thank you
Tyra : now we have teha b arch enemy, teha k

Teha K : hai...................
Tyra : hai u look supper bubbly today..
Teha k: thanks
Tyra: ok and you potraying what in the picture
Teha k : Angel hearted the little good girl
miss j : love ur face, love ur body, love everything
Paulina : ur look so adorable..i have no comment on this but again great job
Nigel :i dont know, for me, it just look adorable, thats it..nothing more. it is not an editorial shoot, plus, its a common shot for me. the sweet innocent girl..i want to see some purity on you face.
Tyra : i agree with nigel. i want to see those innocent face. this picture is good.but that is all..kind a boring for me. u getting to safe..k thanks teha k
teha k: k
tyra : we have mak t

mak t :....
Tyra: well u look nervous today..whats wrong girl??
Mak t: nothing, im just cant help it feeling over excited..nervous. im worried bout my picture
nigel: it SMTM. u were choosen from the thousand of people that apply. u got this. u should bring more of your confident in the judging so we know that you want this
mak t : ok..i try
tyra : let see mak t as a gossip girl
nigel : wow. i think this the best picture ever..i think u r the one that understand the concept of this shot. u really get into the charachter.. well done.
paulina : u nail it girl..
mis j: i think u reallly had kick some of the girl nd guy rock it girl
tyra : so all i want to ask is for u to bring that girl in the picture, to panel, confident and sexy..ok..thanks mak t...last but not least lopan

Lopan : Hai
Tyra : Hai lopan. and you were potraying
Lopan : the old school benjamin burton
tyra : well done..another great picture...
miss j : i like the smile in your face. it is real, and i can feel the energy right through it...
paulina: but one thing for sure, u look a litle bit short in this picture
Nigel : i think this shot look simple, elegance and very editorial.well done lopan.
lopan :Thanks

tyra : we see all ur photos.the judge will deliberate,. when i cal u back, i wil anounce wich one of you will be eliminated...

result :...tanyer kak cik..g sambung..thnaks kak chik

aiskrim new zealand...

masih lam proses mneggodek gamba lama...

we...terjumpa gamba ni plak..aiskrim plg mahal n sedap penah aku mkn...huhuhuuh..

Mase tu g akuaria klcc ikut rombongan (aku, nunu and zur). kononyer utk blaja pasal hidupan marin..hahha. sampa ane kul 2, bas akan dtg lam kul 6. so jangkaanya, kami akan berada selama 4 jam dlm akuaria sambil memerhati dgn lebih teliti hidupan2 yg dipamerkan.....hampeh jer...x pun. Ni semua salah zur yer kwn2. br masuk 15 minit dlm akuaria, dia dh komplain ngantok2. cis. aku br nk kagum tgkk ntag2 tu, dia mcm xde prasaan lgsg.. nk tdo la, letih la, hampeh tol la sekor ni. akibatnyer kami kuar dr akuaria kul 3.15...ape la jadah kuar awal2 klu bas lmbt lagi sampai...

ape g merayau ah ke Klcc...dh round2,bdk sekor ni masih lagi ngantuk.. mase nunu makn dia tdo, pastu x saba2 nk tunggu bas nk balik. so zur g tunggu bas, aku ngan nunu g kat kafeteria kt akuaria tu nk lepak2.

Jumpa la kedai aiskrim new zealand ni. nunu ah saiko nk mkn aiskrim..nk g bli but aiskrim satu skoop dh age 7 hengget. mak ai mahalnyer..cek2 owh patutla mahal, organik aiskrim k. fresh dr ladang di new zealand.hahahh aku layan jer. share ngan nuar, bli 3 skoop...

air 100 plus yg aku bwk sndri dr ukm..huhu..makan ngan aiskrim pn boleh

ni la newzealand natural....terbaik dr ladang (cam abg ijam...hahaha..uhuks)
kami bli aiskrim cokelat, strawberry dan vanilla.. emmm,,,cokelat dia sgt best!!!!!buah dia pn layan. just aku x minat vanilla...........nunu yg bli..huhuhu

ni resit, bukti pembelian ek...kang korunk kate aku tpu lak kang....

ni logo diorg..klu jumpa kedai ni, silalah singgah. skali skale leh la.melainkan ko kaye..

sgt lazat k aiskrimnyer..trase smapai ke anak gler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ni nunu...cet konon kacak ke pakai spek. dh la saiko nk makn aiskrim mahal....

haha aku pn n k try gak akai spek hitam dia..tetap huduh..huhu..aku yang telah diperdaya oleh nunu..

p/s : prasan x entry2 aku sblum ni pn psl mknn gak...adkh hidup aku hanya berkisar psl mkn??? kg sila jawab

Sunday, March 22, 2009

lepak kat pekan lama..

"masih g tgh selidik gamba2 lame"

hahha. aku teringat momment ni mase first time aku g pekan lame (old town yer lam bahase inggerisnyer). mase tu keri g tau, mkn kat oldtown best, so pe lg, si zur saiko ah nk mkn kat oldtown. so the next malamnyer, aku, zubir n zur nk g kuar mkn (keri x ikut ntah sbb pe ntah..tak igt). pastu hujan renyai2, nk mkn kat bbb, meja kt tmpt tu byk outdoor n mesti basahnyer (pastu time malm2 kul 8.30 mesti penuh org..lupakanjer utk carik tmpt duduk yer klu g sane), so g ah carik tmpt mkn berbumbung skit...

mari2 makan di old town...huhuhu dpt garam n kicap free...

Duit aku mase tu tgh sgt kering yer...kering sgt2!!!!!!ade dlm purse duit singgit2 dlm 3 keping n sekeping 5 ringgit..ngan duit syiling...tgh rayau2 carik kedai, zur ajak g pekan lame tu. aku plak yg tak sedar diri bahawasanya dh pokai pegi la melulu mencarik parking kat oldtown tu. duduk, n bace menu.

ini lah makhluk yg mencdgkan n saiko sgt nk lepak kat oldtown...zur, mengapakaha ko nk mkn kat oldtown mal tu..tidakss.!!!!!

zubir yg support jer nk makn kat memane....owh zubir, kalaula ko cdgkan tmpt lein mlm tu, mesti aku dh kenyang..n tak perlu mkn roti bersama coffe pahit..hukhuk

aku merayau tgk menu tu dgn niat yg berkobar2 nk makan bende mahal2...nk mkn byk2 bab lapa gler. pastu mase duduk tu aku trase la dompet aku kt poket blakag, kuarkan la dompet ltk atas meja. browse2 mknn tu, aku ngan x semene2 terbukak la dompet aku, satg tgk duit. ayooooo!!!!aku miskin....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!motip dh miskin tp nk mkn gak kt tmpat mahal2...

ape lg trus aku browse mknn paling murah yg boleh aku bli (tak tau nape segan nk meminjam duit bob n zur mase tu...duh, slalunyer mein pakai jer duit diorg). trus tak jadi nk beli nasik lemak. pegi sectin roti2, jumpa roti tuna, nampak lam gamba cam besar. cantek kenyang gak klu mkn ni. pastu amik air, tgk aras paling atas lam menu (bese yg plg atas plg murah kn). white coffe plg murah. ade hot or cold (lagu katty pery kah??). hotnyer murah, so amik yg hot...

sume dh pilih mknn. bob n zur mkn nasik lemak. diorg cam terkesima gak bler aku hanye makan rotii jer..aku kate saje nk try...(cover sgt). aku pggl waiters tu dgn bahasa inggeris dgn confident n muka belagak mcm aku byk duit (walaupun waiters tu adelah melayu). igt dia akan amik oder cam kedai bese. playan tu dtg ngan muka menyampah, amek pensel n ketas atas meje kitorg, n ckp "tulis oder kat sini then br panggil sayer ye", n berlalu meninggalkan kami yg tersimpuh2 mnahan malu. ghopenyer kene tulis sendiri atas kertas oder kt atas meja tu. mane la aku tau, dh la bdk dua ekor ni pn same br first time dtg cni...motif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hukhuk

dh oder sume, n makann sampai, aku tgk roti aku bese jer, bg aku xde pe istemewa sgt roti tuna dia (name jer grand..n lam gamba nampak besar. padahal aku wat lg best. ishk2). k part plg best, aku ni xkanla pemint coffee..satg minum white coffe dia yg panas tu (by the way aku x minat minuman panas), berpusing kepala aku....!!!Owh camni ker rase kopi????motif org ramai sgt suka..huhu...xpe oleh kerana murah aku telanka jugak....alhamdullilah habis gak kopi ku...sampai balik masih melekat rase kopi tu kat anak tekak n kerongkong.

owh kopi nape kah kamu sgt pahit..........

roti ku yang indah rupa dari yg sebenarnyer..huhu..makn jer la

mlm tu aku rase mknn aku jer yg tak best n aku kurang enjoy skit mkn, bob n zurnyer mknn diorg kater best la.ermmm....xpe2 maybe next time, bler aku ade duit yer... Pengajaran, tlg keluarkan duit sebelum nk g mkn kat oldtown yer....

p/s : selps balik aku rase cam sgt bodoh, xkankah klu aku mntak air kosong, lebih murah drpd white coffe yg aku oder td???..owh shoot membazir sgt. motif!!!!!!!!!!!

kuih keria moment lagi

haritu cek2 gamba..huhu, folder gamba aku berserabut gler. penuh ngan gamba2 yg tak tersusun lgsg. almaklumatla, tgh bz sepanjang minggu la sgt.

tesis aku dh habis lab rasenyer, tapi cam malas nk start utk menulis. Doktor dh mintak dh rangka penulisan, malsnyer nak hantar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tak tau nape. Bukak laptop, xkan menulis, mulala wat keje lain, mein game,dgr lagu bagai, pastu tgk gamba lame2..hehhe.

Owh bckap sal gamba aku terjumpa satu gamba mase aku mkn donut a.k.a kuih keria jco..pnt aku pikir, bler ntah aku bli donut ni..ghope2nyer mmg aku xbli pn. ni kuih keria amir, murahnyer ezki aku ngan kuih donut ni..hahhahah..mari2 lihat kuih keria yang aku mkn..

skali lagi yerk, jco free...hahaha. bler ntah aku nk pegi kedai kuih keria ni, lum penah jejak kaki lagi, asik org blanjer je..srunuk dpt makan kuih keria free..hahhah...syukur2. takpe2, suatu hari nnti aku akan kesana gak.

alamak, kabur lak gamba ni, aku nk amik qoute dia, tp x nampak, takpela lein kali aku tulis kan utk korunk

owh kuih keria..ermmm...sedap, penuh ngan cokelat. kencing manis aku camni..huhu. tp oleh kerana sedap, ku turut kan jua. aku x bape suka mkn bende manis, tp oleh kerana sedap plus free, on jer.hahah..

sbnrnyer ade dua bijik kuih keria and zur makan satu.., x sempat nk amik gamba lagi satu, yg gamba kat atas ni zur makan, yg akunyer x sempat amik gamba..hahha. pulun nk makan kan..ape la kelahap sgt fir!!!ish ish....aku mkn choc mint.sedap2!!!!!rase mint2 n cokelat (obiously la kan dh name pn camtu...). Pepun thanks amir...haha. klu senang blanje la aku lg.huk

p/s : sori zur n amir gamba korunk xde. gamba yg aku amik terdelete..ops sori..ehhhehhe

AKU NK PEGI KEDAI KUIH KERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yer sok aku g)

Friday, March 20, 2009

malam dinner sn marine

hari khamis malam, 12/3/2009 hritu tlh berlansung buat kesekian kalinyer dinner sains marine yg ketiga bagi batch aku kali ni di crystal oriental hotel..huhu. bermakne ktorg dah senior dh. Dinner diadakan semata-mata nak meraikan bdk2 3rd yr sn marine (ktorg la tu) serta merapatkan tali silaturahim antara bdk2 program...

well aku nk ckp kt sini ....3rd yr rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahhaha..mane taknyer, masing2 sume pakai glam2 nak mampos. gaun panjang berjela, baju koprat, keparat, sume ade..huhuhu. (just ade sorg dua jer yg xnak pakai gempak2, ala nk bajet modes ah tu ..hhaha sori jong). tema malam tu hanya tema wane, hitam dan merah. aku ngan zur dh lame plak kan bli baju diner utk malm sn laut ni, 3 bulan sblum dinner start, semangat x kami???..hhahahah

pepe pun, malam tu prsmbhn and mknn agak kurengs skit, just fine takpe nasib baik view dia lawa. dinner kat outdoor, tepi kolam renang, bawah cahaya bulan, ha bayangkan la, romantik tak suasana cam ni..hhhehehe..tahniah pade razwan, mrangkap ketua pengarah dinner, and jr kitorg kos suksess lam wat dinner ni...mlm tu kitorg dimintak utk wat persembhn utk dinner. kitorg 3rd yr wat prsmbhan koir stand by me n aku jdi konduktor, adik sbgai pengarah and q sbgai pengarah kreatif..hhahaha..dh la berlatih satu malam jer, mmg terabus n hancus gler nyanyi, tapi takpe layan. yg pentng kitorg mlm tu mmg have fun gler..srunuk

so cam berse, mari2 melihat gamba kami meroyan kat dinner.....3rd yr jer yg cam gler glamor, gambar, and gelitat..hhahaha. sume tmpt and bende yg boleh bergambar sume dibuat..x menahan, ckp pn x guna, jum tgk gmba jer..

trase cam diri aku sgt macho...kan2???hahha.. outfit aku malm tu iala topi, baju tradisional org cina utk lelaki wane merah ngan corak2 lutsinar (aku tak tau dia panggil baju ni ape), suar slack hitam and kasut hitam...huhu,,at the end aku nampak cam apek jual sayur (i should not wear that hat..ouch)

bergambar bersama Prof mazlan..huhu merangkap bapak la batch aku. 36 org sumenyer tapi 4 org tak dpt nk hadir.xpe layan jer

setelah berhempas pulas menyanyikan lagu stand by me...aku dh bg warning awal2 pasal lagu ni kat semua tetamu, nasib baik diorg x kesah ktorg nyanyi ke pn sains marine a.k.a. laut. motif kak cik pose bagai nak rak, harus gler glamour.

girl power of sains laut...cantik kah, klu nk leh kontek i kat no 013xxxxxxxx..hahhaa sori sume dh berpunya k (ops sume kah???xkan yg kebaya hitam n cheongsam tu masih.....) yg boyzznyer, camne??kacak x (ala apek kat tgh tu mmg huduh, tgk yg lelain la). mereka semua mengaku single and available (yakah??????hmmm..k.huhu)

mari2 lihatlah makhluk2 yg menjaga lautan paling hot, bergambar di tebing kolam..hahhaha. cpt wat undian tau

saat2 romantik bg pasangan yg bahagia (bahagia ker..hahahah). k xkan sume lam ni pasngn bercinta k. ade yg sekadar gamba hiasan..

aksi hilang akal bdk 3rd yr..huhuhuh..WE ALL DH NK GRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aksi rampas merampas....hhuuh..tolong explain nape zur nk rampas ijan??adekah mereka...tideks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kak chik kesian ko

pose aku n teha b. ni gaya kitorg lepas mengumpat ok, pssssssssssssstttttt......maksudnyer gosip tu sgt panas...huhu.glam x baju teha b.

p/s : antara pekara menarik berlaku

1- teha n the gang dtg lewat nk mampos. harus aku igt sampai mati, dtg ala2 diva, function start kul 8.30 stgh kul 10. tau la korunk slalu lewat masuk kelas, tp ni xkan kelas, ni dinner k..huhu. wat malu 3rd yr jer..hhahhaha
2- teha b plg glam mlam tu, sume igt dia artis jemputan. ha cpt trima kasih kat aku n zur bab ktorg yg plihkn baju dia malam tu
3- cheongsam kak chik...erm....cheongsam...mmmm....cheongsam..err..dont want to talk about it..hmmm.....k...huhu..
4- zur mng prince of the night (yer harus dia mng bab baju dia malam tu jer habis rm 500 k) n liya a.k.a mak mng princess (ala, bapak dh rasuah pengadil. mane ci)
5- parti after dinner kat putrajaya mmg seronok gler

notes to abg lensa : hampir separuh dr gamba yg kamu amik terpakse di delete yerk krane slalu out of fokus, n tak clear, please cuba lagi lein kali amik gamba dgn lawa...huhuhuh..pesanan dr kementerian pembangunan lelaki, masyarakat dan keluarga.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

kosmate ku

haritu mase time nk g dinner aku pulun nk siapkan gamba kosmate aku..huhu...nk bagi sume lecture mase dinner nnti,..marila berkenalan ngan kosmate aku. bg tgk muker jer..hahah. aku siapkan lam mase 30 minit, bab dh takde mase gler. terkejar2, everything wat last minit

sume cam kacak2 n cantik2 kan (kecuali aku) u guys..nnti update psl dinner ek

award pertama ku

huhuhu..aku dpt award, cam x cayer jer aku yg hitam ni dpt award. apeka makne semua ini, adakah aku semakin popular.....ahaks..thanks to nolli, sorry, br prasan award ni...

anugerah pertama ku dari nolly

1. copy paste the award at your blog once you got it.
2. make an entry if this is like a GRAMMY award (anggap grammy ni wat kat malaysia ek, tak gheti la nk tulis lam inggeris, kang oyen mula la wat coreection grammer..huhu)

ehem (berdehem skit..n wat muka kool sambil tgk award tu).
wow mmg tak sangka la saya dpt award ni..hee (gelak skit and senyum kat kamera, masih berlagak kool, padahal lam hati meluap2 gembira).ermm mmg tak sangka sbnrnyer, tgh terkejut sebenarnyer ni, pesaing kategori ni semua hebat2. dh tercalon pon saya dh tak sangka leh mng (ckp sambil senyum lebar kat kamera sambil tayangg award kt mereka yg tak dpt dgn gaya berlagak nk mampos, tapi muka still stay kool)
pertama skali nk ucap syukur kehadrat Illahi krn izinya saya dpt menggemgam anugerah ini, tak lupa juga kepada manager merangkap p.a saya yg sentiasa berada disisi saya, trima kasih diucapkan, thanks tu krew produksi yg terlibat, yg memberikan kerja yg terbaik, kepada keluarga saya yang banyak menyokong karier saya, owh dan tidak lupa juga kepada
peminat terutamanya, yg sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan saya, tanpa anda siapalah saya. kemenangan ni untuk anda. trima kasih (sambil julang award tinggi2, and tunjuk kat peminat semua)
WOW!!!!!!...... (bjln trun pentas masih senyum lebar......)

3. pass to 5 other blogger.
anuar kamarudin
(ucap trima kasih kat aku tau)

4. NEVER break the chain, please

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perjalanan menuju kematang

hahah..xkan kematangan yerk. entri ni xde kaitan ngan perjalann aku menjadi lebih matang ke ape..just nk cter sal lawatan aku ke matang perak..hehe

kos aku wat lawatan ke kawasan paya bakau di perak, dekat matang..srunuk, kat sane kitorg blaja cara pengurusan hutan simpan kat tepi pantai..dpt lihat keindahan paya bakau yg sgt amazing termasuk ngan makhluk2 ciptaan tuhan yg ade kat sane. dr spesis burung sampai ah ikan..menarik n interesting.

kitorg bertolak dr UKM kul 11 mlam, sampai sane kul 8 pg. tdo lam bas jer..heheh..untuk aku lawatan ni sgt bermakna bab ini adlh lwtn terakhir batch aku utk melahar bersama-sama, pas ni dh nak grad. xde lg lawatan bersama-sama dh...huhu...teringat mase first year, kitorg g jenjln ke pulau perhentian utk mega fieldwork, 2nd year ke pulau tinggi and pulau kapas, n lastly 3r yr kitorg ke pulau tioman n matang. wah sdih. tak sangka 3 tahun dh berlalu cam sekejap jer..

good lark my frend in ur future undertaking..sob2 (life must go on)..

ni gamba2 sesengal bbdk marin mase g matang:

gamba bersama kali terakhir bdk2 lelaki sains laut..huhu mase nk bertolak

mase berhenti kat perhentian utk makan pg..hahah.apekah aku buat. mengantok kah kamu??
ade dua ekor makhluk halus kat balakng aku (halus ka, cam tbal jer)

muka ngantok..motif aku lum ready lagi untuk ditankap gamba. hampehnyer faris..huhuhu

sampai2 kitorg kene dgr ceramah pasal bakau...pak cik renjer bagi ceramah.layan walau mate ku hanya mampu dibuka sebesar bijik kuaci (bukan B.K. yer kak cik)

lepas dgr ceramah kitorg dibwk oleh abg renjer plak melawat hutan bakau sambil menikmati keindhaan bakau kat sini. best dapat tgk up close and personal camner diorg menguruskan hutan paya bakau, satu utk kepentingan persekitaran and satu lagi utk kepentingan ekonomi... aku berazam utk menjaga alam sekitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 a greener world..peace

group yg pulun nk ikut abg renjer zaki (kak cik btol x name dia ek??) mase pegi kilang pembuatan arang..hehehe...sume lam group ni cam 3 suku sbnrnyer..hahah.smoga berjaya la kamu menulis laporan yerk, sume lam kumpln ni lebih main dr dgr penerangan, ..haha..

indahnyer kehijauan

p/s : balik dr sini banyak g ler assigment nk kene wat..huahuahua

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


akhirnya aku dpt line internet......huhuhuhuhuhuh..

blok aku x dpt line internet, so macam2 keje tertangguh..hukhuk. tu yg blog tak berupdate sampai 10 hari, kate opik yg menjadi peminat setia aku nyer blog..hahhahaha).

k 4 u alls yg tertunggu2 tulisan blog i, sat na.... nnti i tuliskan. byk bende menarik berlaku, sampai tak tau nak tulis camne, bagi aku sort out dlu..heheheh...

kpd semua org yg mentag, meberi aku anugerah, dan menyapa aku selama ini didalam blog, and aku wat cam x layan, sory, xkan salah aku, salahkan internet..hehe (xkanyer x leh g cc, cume mls nak byr..jimat2..huuhu)..

nnti kan kepulangan afir..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

pekse yg cam hancur....

huhuhuhuuhu....pekse haritu cam sengal jer. cam tak dpt jwb jer..
hukhuk, tensen nyer, bace bnde lain, lain yg kuar..motip sgt
Prof siap sindir lg, nota tu jgn wat perhiasan jer, bace...hhahahha
abis la.....

sorry prof stady last minit. janji x wat lg (leh caye ke ni)